About Heat and Frost Insulators Local 78

Local 78 was granted its charter on October 11, 1926 with eight initial members. The Local’s territory covers the 50 most northern counties within Mississippi, Georgia and Tennessee bordering west, east and north, respectively.

Our members serve a four-year apprenticeship to learn all aspects of the insulation industry.

The Local 78 office is located at 2653 Ruffner Road, Birmingham, Alabama 35210.

Insulators Local 78 has worked and helped facilitate the following projects in the Alabama area:

In 2019, Local 78 started working on the Toyota Mazda Plant in Huntsville, Ala. with more than 80 members on the jobsite working for the following contractors: Rl Bondy, Gribbins, HW Mechanical, Performance Contractors Inc. Burgess & Barry Insulation and Progressive Insulation. The Toyota Mazda Plant is still under construction and RL Bondy may have a maintenance crew once the job is completed.

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From 2008 to 2009, Local 78 was a part of the Toray Aerospace Manufacturing Plant addition project.

The facility is located in Decatur, Alabama, and the contractors involved were Burgess and Berry Insulation, Progressive Insulation, Vulcan Industrial and Performance Contractors Inc. There were at least 80 members working on the project and today, some of our contractors remain involved in the continuous maintenance of the Toray Aerospace Manufacturing Plant.

Since 1999, Local 78 has been involved with the construction and maintenance of the Honda Lincoln Assembly Plant, located in Lincoln, Ala. Our contractors included Breeding Insulation, who had upwards of 30 highly trained and highly skilled Insulators on the jobsite.

The Mustang Project Plant located in Bridgeport, Ala. started in 2018 with 15 Insulators on site working for signatory contractor is Caldwell Insulation. While the construction is still ongoing, Local 78 members will be performing maintenance support at the Mustang Project Plant.

Alabama Power is a Electric Utility Company who owns and operates 77 electric generating units that have a a total production capacity of more than 12 million kilowatts. Local 78 assists Alabama Power and Tennessee Valley Authority  Plants with power outages with maintenance crews.

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Green Energy

The Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers have been trending towards “going green” for more than 100 years! Also known as reusable energy, when it is properly installed mechanical insulations saves money, improves lives and protects the environment.


Chartered on October 11, 1926, Insulators Local 78 has built a reputation through northern Alabama for the most well trained insulation industry workforce. Key projects within our Local’s jurisdiction include the Toyota Mazda Plant, Toray Manufacturing Plant and Honda Plant.


Heat and Frost Insulators Local 78 covers the 50 county region in northern Alabama, including the Birmingham market. Covering the western, northern and eastern border of Alabama, you can find the entire Local 78 jurisdiction on this page.

Sister Local Unions

Insulators Local Union 78 is proud to be part of the Southeast States Conference of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers. As such, we are closely associated with Local Unions in the Southeast States Conference who cover territory within the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.


The Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Local 78 Leadership Team works hard to serve you.

Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct

The Professional Craftsman Code of Conduct (PCCC) is a program to promote jobsite excellence and customer satisfaction. The primary goal of the PCCC is a job built on time, under budget and built right the first time.

Resources and Links

Heat and Frost Insulators Local 78 continues to provide our members and members traveling within our jurisdiction with beneficial and needed online resources. Our resources come from the International and the link to pay your dues online.