Insulators Local 78 Member Resources and Links

Heat and Frost Insulators Local 78 provides our members and members traveling within our jurisdiction with beneficial and needed online resources.

With jurisdiction that covers the northern two thirds of Alabama, resources needed for our members span the territory and are listed below for your online reference.

Please find below information and links for your use.

Pay Your Dues

Please use the link below to pay your monthly dues online. Non-working dues are $24 a month and travel dues are $50 a month. You will need your registration number to successfully login to the portal. Your registration number can be found on your membership card.

Member Services

The International Member Services portal is used to enhance communications from the International to our members. Members can update your personal contact information, access vital files in the library, view copies of our International Journal and directly link to the International’s social media accounts.

Online Apprentice Training

Current Local 78 apprentices can log into the Insulation Industry International Apprentice and Training Fund Online Education System. The online training is built to supplement the in-person training the JATC provides while organizing the information based on your current class.

Insulators Tissue Bank

Working with Mt. Sinai Medical Center, the Insulators Tissue Bank uses tissue samples from our members with documented asbestos exposure to study, diagnose, treat and prevent asbestos-related conditions, including mesothelioma. The Insulators Tissue Bank current year’s forms are available online.


The International monitors and maintains authority on the political front. With efforts such as the Mechanical Insulation Incentive bill and the Ban Asbestos Now bill, the political advocating has given our union a stance that continues to be promoted on the federal and state levels.


The Mechanical Insulators Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT) is a program between the Insulators Union and the National Union Insulation Contractors Association (NUICA) to promote the heat and frost insulation industry and expand work opportunities for our signatory contractors and our workforce.


The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers created an online store for affiliated members to buy international branded merchandise. From shirts, jackets and hats to knives, golf balls and duffel bags, all products and their availability can be found in the online store.