Local 78 Training Center

Local 78 Training provides training for all its Mechanic and Apprentice members. With safety being first, all training ensures that Local 78’s Contractors remain competitive and its members are always ready for any job that may arise.

Local 78 is very proud to call our new Training Center home for the Apprenticeship Class in 2021. The new Training Facility is located at 2621 Queenstown Road Irondale, AL 35210 and all Local 78 apprenticeship classes will be held at the training center every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. The building was built in 1960 and Local 78 JATC completed a large remodel of the facility; construction began in early 2021. We are excited to have this space to hold Apprenticeship classes

The updates that were made to the Training Facility were both to the interior and exterior of the facility. The exterior updates included repairing the siding on the outside of the building, new entry doors, landscaping and yard cleanup.

The interior updates and details include replacing ceiling tiles and lights, painting the inside/outside of the shop area, the shop floor epoxied, framework around the rollup door and replaced along with weather stripping being installed, kitchen cabinets were replaced along with countertops, new hot water heater and new tile floor in the big classroom.

We are excited for our apprenticeship and journeymen to utilize the Insulators Local 78 new training facility.

Insulators Local 78 Training Center

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Craig Francis

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