Are you an experienced Insulator?
Now is the time to join Local 78!

We get it — Union can be a dirty word. But with Local 78, we represent the best Mechanical Insulators in Alabama and you should be part of our ranks. 

With the competitive wage, contributions to a pension and retirement fund and the excellent health and welfare benefits offered by Local 78 — the time is now for you to join the Union!

Because we work with signatory contractors throughout 50 counties in Alabama, the Local Union works to make collective bargaining agreements as an advocate for all of our members. This means the best hourly rate for everyone — instead of you having to negotiate by yourself with the employer. This is the result of a system that strives to drive down the cost of labor and discard workers at will with no regard for them.

The Local also protects the interests of your health and retirement benefits meaning after you have worked through a career as an Insulator — you’re going to be able to retire, with dignity and with income. 

On top of all the above — the job of the Union is to find your next job. So even if you were to successfully negotiate a salary, health benefits and pension funds with an employer, after that job is done, you could be out of luck. 

Because the Union Hall acts as a Hiring Hall, we work with the contractors to find the jobs that are out there and keep you working. We do the heavy lifting so you can be the best representation of our trade in the field. 

If you have experience as a Mechanical Insulator and want to talk to someone about joining the Local 78 ranks, please give us a call.

Hear from our members why now is the best time to join the Insulators Union

For more information, you may contact: 

Craig Francis

Phone - (205) 956-2866 or (205) 956-8101 ext. 3


Fax - (205) 956-9327

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