Insulators Local 78 Construction Trades

Throughout the northern half of Alabama, Local 78 has Insulators working in 50 counties on a multitude of projects. With the vast training that all Local 78 Apprentices and Mechanics go through, there are many sub-trades that are taught to our members.

Through the namesake Mechanical Insulation to the more prevalent Infectious Disease Control and life-saving Firestopping, our members and the signatory contractors they work for have the training and skill to do it all.


Learn more about the individual sub-trades of Insulators Local 78 through the below pages:

Mechanical Insulation

Mechanical insulation has many applications, but is mostly used in commercial and industrial settings on boilers, HVAC systems and duct work. Mechanical insulation reduces energy waste, improves longevity of mechanical systems and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This means insulation will prevent heat from flowing away from a system or facility outfitted with insulation.


Properly installed firestopping saves lives and can prevent property damage. Over the years, on fire-rated walls, firestopping has been proven to contain fire and smoke, which gives building occupants time to evacuate a structure after a fire occurs. Our Local 78 members are trained in this technology and can help your building contain deadly fires.

Infectious Disease Control

When safety and disease control matters in medical facilities for doctors, nurses, patients and visitors, insulation installed by Local 78 members helps control infectious diseases by preventing the spread of infectious particles. Infectious disease control is on the verge of becoming one of the main ways of controlling and mitigating the spread of disease.

Sound Attenuation

Local 78 members are experts at evaluating noise-reduction needs and planning and installing sound attenuation insulation applications for mechanical systems. Proper installation of these noise reducing systems is essential for maximum performance of the mechanical system as well as the acoustical function.

Speciality Fabrication

Specialty fabrication work, such as custom insulation-fabricating solutions consisting of pads that are sewn together, can be implemented for the needs of customers in any industry requiring varying degrees in temperature application, fire or noise-control insulation. This speciality solution can be done on the jobsite or as pre-fabrication work in the shop.

Scaffold Erectors

Local 78 trains our members to build and take down the scaffolds and elevated temporary support structures that are used on construction projects. These are elevated structures that hold a combination of both workers and materials. All of our members are up-to-date on fall protection training.

Asbestos Abatement

Local 78 members are highly prepared to handle the safe and thorough removal and proper disposal of any type of asbestos and lead. We make sure all materials and equipment used by our contractors adhere to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.