Firestopping saves lives and property

Firestopping is the most modern fire-protection technology available today.

It is vital that firestopping materials are properly installed, inspected and maintained. This gives customers peace of mind knowing their project is expertly crafted.

Firestopping is effective compartmentation on fire-rated walls, which includes boxes built within a building to keep the fire from spreading from room to room or to other parts of the building or structure. Our members are highly trained and skilled in Firestopping installation.

Smoke Seal

When looking at walls of a building that are not fire-rated (normally the interior of the building), smoke seal is a similar technology as Firestopping for the interior of a building. This continues the preventative building strategy of creating a barrier in a room to stop the spread of smoke or fire.

Compartmentation will only be achieved when all doors, hardware and glass are fire and smoke resistance-rated; penetrations, head of wall and perimeter and expansion joints are all sealed with firestopping insulation. Ductwork also needs fire, smoke or fire smoke dampers installed in all walls.

Watch this video to learn more about Firestopping!

Inspector Training

It is possible to offer building inspector education (with potential CEU’s) to ensure local building inspectors understand firestop systems and know what to look for when viewing fire and smoke rated assemblies. Instruction class attendees learn how to identify and find tested systems within the volumes of information available. 

Local 78 works with the Mechanical Insulators LMCT to provide firestopping training to architects, fire marshals, code inspectors or any other interested organizations to help save lives and property.