Specialty Fabrication:
Efficient and cost saving process

Union Mechanical Insulators can provide unique and custom Mechanical Insulation fabrication solutions for a project’s specifications regardless of complexity. From cutting, die-cutting to sawing, Local 78 members are trained to do it all. This specialty work can be helpful to customers in any industry in need of varying degrees in temperature application, fire and noise-control insulation. 

Mechanical Insulators will create or make specific items they might need for a jobsite beforehand in a qualified work environment to keep the job moving and meeting deadlines on time. This will save precious time during the construction process. If any item they need for a jobsite is too small or not long enough Mechanical Insulators are highly trained to make adjustments on the construction site.

Mechanical Insulators are normally the last trade called to a jobsite to finish their work. If construction is postponed, the contractors will call the Mechanical Insulators to complete the job in a fast but efficient manner.

Specialized Fabricating is an advanced skills training that is taught in numerous facilities throughout North America. The professionals at Local 78 deliver the expertise that is required in the precise needs for Specialized Fabrication.

To make the most of the project and the time Mechanical Insulators have on the jobsite, Specialty Fabrication for your project can included:

  • Die-cutting for any kind and size of opening
  • Fabrication of sound control
  • Thermal barrier products

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